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I recently changed my url from lebaxxx.com to lebaart.com : so there may be a few broken links
in the meantime explore the site and find what you were looking for, or drop me an email at the contact page or mozy on over to the home page and try to find what you were looking for.

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New at the Container yard : its all about police violence.

When I was given a spot to paint at the container yard by my boys landon ash and SEK, I just knew I had to do something that spoke to the tragedy that has been going on in this country since 9/11, the rise of the police state, and state sanctioned murder against all races and creeds, in short, anyone who dares show an inch of defiance or perhaps even simple misheard order can result in a death sentence these days.

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to take a second to wish everyone a belated merry Christmas!
thanks for supporting me through the years and helping to make my dreams come true!

Alot happened over the course of 2014, from the foster the people wall, to diving into 3d perspective art to staring on oxygen’s street art throw down, and it has all been so amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and carried me through this struggle!

Me and my Boy Camer1 painted this piece for our good buddy che who runs the #smilesouthcentral hash tag in la, big shout out to che for his tireless work to bring art to those who need it most in hard hit areas, you can see more of his gigs here : @che_2a on instagram.

as always you can find more of my work @leba on instagram.

America, land of the free, hosts the largest prison population per capita in the history of the world.

Everyday we can fight against the oppressive governmental machine that is being built around us every day.
Grab control of your local governments and resist.

This photo was captured by Colors in L.A.

Fight back against the privacy invasion war being waged by the U.S government and the T.S.A.

Found this little diamond on downtown muse, she took this picture last year, and this paste is still riding, check out on her blog.

Down town muse posts about the happenings around L.A. such as art, music and festivals.

New wall finished on San Pedro and 22nd at the La VIDA skateshop in South Central L.A. If you need some decks wheels cans or trucks stop in and say whats up.

I spent over 5 days and 15 cans of 94 black on this wall,
Its in memory of the 1927 Mexican Counter Revolution, wiki it, its a crazy story.

If you snap a photo tag it with #leba and #lebaart as well as @leba and i’ll send you some slaps.

on Brooklyn Street art

Found some pics from one of my shows at the fringe in la on Brooklyn street art blog.
check out the pics and post here theres some other magical art there as well, so dive in.

Photos by Carlos Gonzolas.