Casanova Mural for New Office

Casanova recently moved their ad agency office, they couldnt take the last mural I did for them, so they commissioned me to create something new, they shared their vision board with me, and I set to work bringing their ideas to life through color and line. They wanted a mural that projected their values, Casanova is an ad agency that was created and is run by a group of strong independent woman that focuses on bringing America’s brand to the Latinx community through fresh messages and imaging. We imagined a new take on Rosie the riveter, combined with images of São Paulo, Texas, California, Mexico, Puerto Rico, expressed through the vibrancy that is the South American color palette,

Below you can see the final sketch we arrived at, along with a collage of the finished walls, the walls wrapped around three sections, so I was unable to get it all in one shot.

Check out a video walk around of the mural here