Casanova Mural for New Office

Casanova recently moved their ad agency office, they couldnt take the last mural I did for them, so they commissioned me to create something new, they shared their vision board with me, and I set to work bringing their ideas to life through color and line. They wanted a mural that projected their values, Casanova is an ad agency that was created and is run by a group of strong independent woman that focuses on bringing America’s brand to the Latinx community through fresh messages and imaging. We imagined a new take on Rosie the riveter, combined with images of São Paulo, Texas, California, Mexico, Puerto Rico, expressed through the vibrancy that is the South American color palette,

Below you can see the final sketch we arrived at, along with a collage of the finished walls, the walls wrapped around three sections, so I was unable to get it all in one shot.

Check out a video walk around of the mural here

Malka Reception Area Hero Wall

Malka invited me to paint their reception area wall that would greet all of their guests to their Santa Monica Office, the team leader shared his vision with me, and I commenced to create a few ideas for him, we honed in on a street New York feel, with cool colors mixed with active characters and a graff style that would feel at home on any Brooklyn street, we had a 3 day deadline to get this done so I brought in two heavy hitters from LA to help me crush it, known as Gilloutine and Jhonny legs, we knocked this out working 12 hour days, 3 days in a row, and I couldnt be happier with how it came out! we threw in a few names of the founders on the train, and snuck in some symbols that were close to the founders heart.

Below you can see the final sketch we landed on after a few days of revisions, and the final painting.

Brendan Schuab Podcast Mural Produced by Malka Media

Malka Media Contacted me to create a mural for the backdrop for Brendan Schaubs podcast, after sitting down with the Malka team, we came up with an idea that reflected the comedy and power of Brendan, we wanted to include the landmarks of the La area, without being cliche, we also wanted to include a throw back to Brendans old career as an MMA fighter, and reflect the intensity of his personality and and the Los Angeles area.

After a careful sketching process with many revisions, we settled on the final concept, which was executed over the course of 5 days.

It came out amazing, and I cant wait to work with Malka again in the future.

Below you can see the sketch produced for approval, and the final painted mural which measured 10x15ft


Mural for Casanova Complete

Leba Mural eagle Casanova Spray paint mural

Painting this wall was a blast, I need to stop back in with my homies over at Casanova and see how they’re all doing.


I’ll be posting a video soon of the mural going up.

Star Fox oil painting for Iam8bit 10 yr show

LeBA oil painting Star Fox nintendo snes nes vintage games cosplay

When jon from Iam8bit asked me to paint a piece for the upcoming 10year anniversary show that represented what I loved most in gaming as a Kid I just knew I had to paint star fox.

I carefully spent several hours just mixing my paints before I began, and once I started I just couldn’t stop. I stayed up for the next 40hours straight trying to paint faster then my oil paint would dry, (I hate remixing and matching colors).

In the end I got deathly ill right when my friend from Indiana got into town for a 4 day slamcation, and was forced to go camping, ride coasters and play paintball all while feeling like dropping dead.


I really turned a corner with my color usage on this one, and can’t wait to get started on the next project so I can see if I retained any of the skills I developed while living on coffee and dreaming of sleep.

Winner of the D.A.R.E. Challenge on the Street Art Throwdown.

LeBA DARE winning poster

So honored for my poster to be chosen as the winner for episode 2 of the street art throwdown.

I didn’t really have much coming up as a kid, but I really wasn’t bullied that much either, mostly I just watched while other were pushed around. Something inside of me started a fire and one day I decided to fight back, sometimes with my fists, but mostly through my artwork.

My whole Idea is that its not the bullied that can stop bullies, its the bullies themselves.

We need to embrace a change of heart before any progress will be made.

Simply banning words or trying to push our ideas on others will never work, these ideas must be their own, but they must be fostered in a community of forgiveness and an honest desire for the abusers to change.

Check me out next tuesday at 9pm on Oxygen Street Art Throwdown,

LeBA Getting down on a stencil on Street Art Throw Down on Oxygen

This upcoming week on street art throwdown were going to be doing something crazy around the hollywood area Spreading a special message that is close to many kids hearts, its going to be intense, you’ll see. The Camera crews had a heart time keeping up with us.

Last week, it was so sad to see Marley go, we all felt like such a team while filming the show and she was such a sweet heart,  we all loved hanging out with her so much, and hearing all of her stories about Chicago and learning about what makes her make art. It can be so difficult trying to create brand new art off of the top of your head, in two hours or less, with colors you can’t choose, maybe your cold and tired and you haven’t eaten anything in 6 hours.



LeBA on Street Art Throwdown
LeBA deep in thought

Concepting mural ideas for Casanova Pendril in Costa Mesa

LeBA's concept close up

I got hooked up with this mural job through the JOJO bro’s, two of the dopest surfers in orange county, when they told me an up an coming multi lingual ad agency that promotes hispanic issues and even helps at risk youth find outlets through art and creative jobs, I was in. I’ve been going back and forth on a few concepts, take a look and let me know what you think, you can always shoot me an email through my contact page.


my concept :

“I chose to go with a warm limited palette, I wanted to stay with the warm tones to keep things energetic and tie the color scheme in with your new office renovations, the color climate for the Mexicali area.
I wanted to project a theme of creation, alchemy, energy and rebellion. to me Casanova is all about doing things in a new way, and leading clients to emerging demographics, so that’s what I went for here.
however creation and discovery are always a challenge so there are competing themes and colors which represent struggle, such as the eagle versus the snake, or the planet versus over consumption, the male and female on the end are the co-creators of the reality, and the rebellion.
some of the symbolism in the piece.
On the left, A man thinking about the future of his family, his country, next to him the eagle who holds the jaguar snake in his mouth, and to the right the wheel of life, and below and to the right, the jaguar of the Aztecs, above him the woman blows new life onto the earth, while production and progress continue above. and in the top center, a watchful eye, and a new day press forward.
“Ideas create revolutions.”
LeBA Street art Graffiti concept
LeBA’s Street art mural for Casanova Pendrill, a leading english/hispanic advertising agency in orange county, California

New Paintings shirts and slaps in the webstore

New LeBA t-shirts and stickers

Finally! New slaps and shirts, they have been along time coming and i’m excited to finally be able to release them for sale.

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The shirts are made in America from 100% organic material,
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I also added a bunch of Giclee canvases so you can get some great art at a great price to hang.
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