Check me out next tuesday at 9pm on Oxygen Street Art Throwdown,

This upcoming week on street art throwdown were going to be doing something crazy around the hollywood area Spreading a special message that is close to many kids hearts, its going to be intense, you’ll see. The Camera crews had a heart time keeping up with us.

Last week, it was so sad to see Marley go, we all felt like such a team while filming the show and she was such a sweet heart,  we all loved hanging out with her so much, and hearing all of her stories about Chicago and learning about what makes her make art. It can be so difficult trying to create brand new art off of the top of your head, in two hours or less, with colors you can’t choose, maybe your cold and tired and you haven’t eaten anything in 6 hours.



LeBA on Street Art Throwdown
LeBA deep in thought

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