Concepting mural ideas for Casanova Pendril in Costa Mesa

I got hooked up with this mural job through the JOJO bro’s, two of the dopest surfers in orange county, when they told me an up an coming multi lingual ad agency that promotes hispanic issues and even helps at risk youth find outlets through art and creative jobs, I was in. I’ve been going back and forth on a few concepts, take a look and let me know what you think, you can always shoot me an email through my contact page.


my concept :

“I chose to go with a warm limited palette, I wanted to stay with the warm tones to keep things energetic and tie the color scheme in with your new office renovations, the color climate for the Mexicali area.
I wanted to project a theme of creation, alchemy, energy and rebellion. to me Casanova is all about doing things in a new way, and leading clients to emerging demographics, so that’s what I went for here.
however creation and discovery are always a challenge so there are competing themes and colors which represent struggle, such as the eagle versus the snake, or the planet versus over consumption, the male and female on the end are the co-creators of the reality, and the rebellion.
some of the symbolism in the piece.
On the left, A man thinking about the future of his family, his country, next to him the eagle who holds the jaguar snake in his mouth, and to the right the wheel of life, and below and to the right, the jaguar of the Aztecs, above him the woman blows new life onto the earth, while production and progress continue above. and in the top center, a watchful eye, and a new day press forward.
“Ideas create revolutions.”
LeBA Street art Graffiti concept
LeBA’s Street art mural for Casanova Pendrill, a leading english/hispanic advertising agency in orange county, California

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